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A quick belly study. I love bellies!

Fuck huggies





He’s been in pampers since birth and I put him in a huggies at almost 5 am.

It’s now 6 and i noticed his front was all wet… his pee soaked through.

I took off his gown and notice: poop up his back.

Huggins work better for girls than boys. I don’t…

huggies suck. my daughter cannot use them AT ALL. I honestly recommend using Kirkland brand diapers from CostCo. It’s about $20-$25 for a box of almost 200 of them and I have not had a blowout AT ALL with them since we started using them about three months ago. Also it’s great because you can buy wipes, and diapers in bulk at costco :P 

I’ve always planned on using Costco because of the price but they didn’t carry newborn

I absolutely hate Huggies. I have to be constantly changing Ben or else they leak. I only bought one box and I’m on the second bag. I’ll be super thrilled when they’re gone.


Hi guys, I felt like I should really share this experience with you. Recently I decided to conduct something of a…social experiment.

The first photo is of me in casual wear. It’s pretty mismatched. I was wearing my pajama top over my tee and had black pants on. My hairs messed up and everything. I look unprofessional, and it’s intended.

I took a walk through an inner city neighbourhood of Brisbane. I asked the police for directions to the library. I bought a krispy kreme doughnut from the 7 11. I went inside the mall and was asked to try free samples several times. I bought the first volume from SnK from Angus and Robert’s. I wasn’t treated any differently, the reactions were warm and friendly. My outfit didn’t effect anything at all.

The second image is me in a salwaar. The hair took effort to get into curls. (Sorry, the mirror was foggy) I had a bit of make up on. I looked good. The outfit was ironed and it looked much better than the previous one. I went to the same shops an hour later. Asked the same guard where the library was. Bought another krispy kreme.

The reactions were totally different. There were no thank you’s. No one asked me to try a sample. The guard was annoyed. When I went into the bookstore the lady at the register followed me around the whole time. When I bought a copy of ‘The storyteller’ by Jodi Picoult, she asked me if I had enough money with me before she scanned it.

I am a fourteen year old girl who has lived overseas for three years. Never have I faced such blatant discrimination.

What is this supposed to mean? You’re good to go as long as you don’t embrace your traditional values? Is this why south Asian girls are embarrassed to wear their saris and salwaars in the open? Is this why we refuse to wear our bindi and play the harmonium? Is this why we think it’s better to be well spoken in English that Bangla, Urdu, or Hindi.

When white people embrace my traditional values, they’re open minded. When I do it, I’m suddenly a nuisance. I’m automatically expected to not be well spoken. I’m automatically a suspect for shop lifting.

Think about that.

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Skinny Apple Mug Cake

Lemon Cloud Mug Cake

Strawberries and Cream Mug Cake

Cookies and Cream Mug Cake

Red Velvet Mug Cake

Candy Cane Mug Cake

Smore Mug Cake

Pumpkin Cinnamon Mug Cake

Coffee Cake Mug Cake


reblogging for ali … who is a mug cake herself <3

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Know the warning signs of sexual and reproductive control.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness and Support Month! 

If you have ever experienced your partner hiding your birthcontrol, demanding you no longer take birthcontrol, discuss or attempting to impregnate you against your will or without your knowledge you are not alone. This is not a rarity.  But it also is not your fault and you do not deserve how your partner is treating you.
Please click the link for more information.
You can go to planned parenthood for birth control your partner wouldn’t have to know about.

If you live in Canada, it is also very illegal and constitutes rape or aggravated sexual assault. You can file charges.




#DidYouKnow #Deaf #DeafAwareness #education #SignLanguage #advocacy #NMSCares

This is actually sadly relevant. I had a lecture this summer about sign languages and Deaf culture and when I was finished, one hearing girl from the audience stayed behind to ask me some more question.
She asked me: “And your parents use sign language, right?” Like it was the most obvious thing in the world and why is she even asking this, of course my parents must know sign language.
"No… They don’t, actually."
"And how do you communicate, then?"
"But… isn’t that complicated for you?"
"It is, sometimes."
"They probably didn’t have time for it…" she said. And I haven’t the heart to tell her that my father was offered sign language courses several times, that I offered to teach them some signs and that they always refused.
But I did told her: “It is not that rare. Most of deaf people I know have hearing parents who don’t sign.”
It’s the sad truth. People are willing to pay for surgeries to “repair” their children, but they are not willing to learn something to communicate with them.

i’d like to add onto this with my own personal experience, too. i was born hearing, but as soon as i was diagnosed as HoH, my parents didn’t do anything to learn ASL. they were quick to put me in classes, but they wouldn’t when i suggested to them that they take the classes with me so that we could learn.
i’ve tried to teach my mom how to sign numerous times, but she always says that “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” to which i tell her that she can learn, she just doesn’t want to. which is true. neither of my parents want to learn how to sign, but they want me to be able to hear perfectly so they don’t have to repeat themselves.
little do they know that their frustration with me not being able to hear them would be solved if they would just learn how to sign. maybe signing something to me once instead of repeating themselves four times and then getting mad would be more beneficial.

I’m absolutely shocked at this, it’s never crossed my mind that many parents wouldn’t even try to meet their hard of hearing kids halfway.




leggings as pants are fine as long as i can’t see your vagina outline like i’m not signing up for that shit

because it’s all a big secret right

secret leggings

secret vagina 



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